HONOLULU, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hawai’i inventor Aran Higa spent a lifetime dreaming up solutions to everyday problems, but endured countless sleepless nights before his innovative Dream Sling travel pillow could become a reality. Having hoped to fully finance his first production run through Kickstarter, Higa had to admit failure when the campaign concluded, having raised only 40% of his $25,000 goal. Disheartened, but determined, he re-evaluated his financial models and used his limited capital to manufacture a small run of prototype pillows. He began selling online and at consumer tradeshows, garnering not only encouraging, positive response from customers, but also real-time feedback to further refine the product. Persistence paid off for the inventor, and the new Dream Sling travel pillow will debut in the wholesale trade market Summer 2019.

«It’s a habit,» Higa says, to come up with ideas to streamline routines or improve the quality of daily life. His inventions are born of personal experience, and the Dream Sling travel pillow, his first idea to become a retail product, is no exception. In need of rest while helping relocate his cousin’s automotive repair shop, Higa improvised an arm sling and head support from a car steering wheel cover. That makeshift Dream Sling precursor provided a compact, comfortable way to sleep in an uncomfortable spot. Higa asked for his mother’s help to sew an initial set of prototype samples and launched his first independent business venture.

Dream Sling’s unique design makes it the best travel pillow, using the gravitational force of the wearer’s own arm weight as a counterbalance to maintain an upright position, supporting the head and neck, without the need to lean against a wall. The padded cotton arm sling brings the wearer’s body into a contained, balanced position—no more awkward moments when your hand or head enters your neighbor’s personal space or fighting over the lone armrest. The Dream Sling also improves comfort when waiting in lines, squeezing in a power nap, or keeping a loved one company in hospital rooms.

Retailing for $39.99, Dream Sling is patented in the U.S. and China. The machine-washable, nylon spandex cover is available in two colors. The microbead-filled pillow can be easily carried the same way it is worn for use—slung over the shoulder and chest—or attached to luggage. One adjustable size fits adult small to 3XL. Hawai’i-born inventor Aran Higa credits his resourcefulness, creativity and perseverance to his upbringing and the values his parents, both high school teachers, instilled in him. Raised in Pearl City, O’ahu, Higa was an avid Boy Scout, attaining the highest rank of Eagle Scout. A former graphic designer, air traffic controller and television newscast director, Dream Sling (www.dreamsling.com) is his first product.


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